Monday, May 29, 2006

Veneration of the Greatest Generation

What better day to explore the World War II resources over at the National Archives?

They have casualty lists for Army and Army Air Forces Personnel and Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel. These are arranged by state, and are not searchable. To search through enlistment records and POW records, see Access to Archival Databases.

They've also digitized nearly 1,000 registration cards from Ohio. These are from the same collection recently put online by

Topping things off are 2,829 World War II posters and 1,568 War Production Board posters—all digitized and available for download. Since this website is a product of the U.S. Government, you'll have to spend several minutes engaged in senseless clicking and scrolling before arriving at the posters. (The first collection is especially hard to find; it's easiest just to search for the ARC Identifier, "513498".) All the classic propaganda posters are here, from Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms to "Loose Lips Sink Ships." After browsing through them, I feel like planting a Victory Garden and signing up for a tour in the South Pacific.

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