Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Breeds Bred to Battle Bunkers

Every History Channel fan knows that the Battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought on Breed's Hill. According to AP writer Allen G. Breed, the misnomer still bugs his family.

Cousins have fired off letters to the editor when some hapless columnist makes the mistake of calling it the Battle of Bunker Hill. My youngest brother briefly attended Bunker Hill Community College, and whenever a piece of mail from the school arrived at our home, Dad would scribble "and Breed's" into the name.
In 1975, at the bicentennial battle re-enactment in Charlestown, I watched with a 10-year-old's mixture of pride and mortification as my father nudged his way up to the Bunker-laden reviewing stand, reached up and tugged on the sleeve of one of the town fathers. "The Breeds are here, too," he announced and, sure enough, the mayor told us to come on up. [Link]



Thank you for this article. I actually did learn in school that it was Breeds Hill, not Bunker Hill.

Shame on me for promoting misinformation.... so I've gone back through all of my blog posts, and crossed out Bunker, and added Breed :D


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