Friday, June 23, 2006

Butcher Finds Himself On the Hook

The following appeared in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Oct. 13, 1896.

Jacob Dohm of 1,022 Columbus avenue, New York city, and Gertrude Fulham of 748 Halsey street were married this morning by Justice Van Wart. Dohm was arraigned before Justice Harriman on the girl's complaint and on his promise to marry her they were sent off to Justice Van Wart's court. An hour later Officer Cloonan, who accompanied the couple, returned and smilingly reported that they had been married. Dohm was then formally discharged. The groom is a butcher and has a good business.
As if Jacob's day weren't bad enough ...
The representatives of no less than four furnishing houses had heard of the affair and hoping to get a good order for household goods they waited on the groom in a body. That individual was very much disgusted and told them to clear out.

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