Monday, June 19, 2006

A Curious Canine Query

Randy Seaver spotted this post to the Chihuahua, Mexico, message board at

I finally brought my baby (Female Chihuahua) home Thursday and she turned 8 weeks old yesterday (06/16/06). I read in a few books and article that Chihuahua puppies were one of the top ten hardest to house train. Mine hasn't used the potty inside once in the last 3 days, she goes outside sniffs a few seconds squats and pees/poops and all she seems to do is sleep. And I mean sleep. Which is my question. I wrap her up in her blanket and she probably sleeps 22 hours of the day. I have to wake her up to eat and of a night at 3pm to go outside. Might she be sick? [Link]
Before offering advice, Randy wisely asked for the dog's "pedigree."



Chris and Randy, you both crack me up....


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