Monday, June 12, 2006

Elvis Gets a Gettysburg Address

Barbara Lee Rowe, a fourth cousin of Elvis Presley, has opened a store called "Kin of Rock and Roll" in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (here's the website). Her aim is to commemorate Presley relatives who served in the rebel army, and to sell some "decorative plates, candle holders and T-Shirts."

In a black binder with shiny silver text saying "Elvis' Family," Rowe has pages and pages of enlisted Presley kin from the Civil War. But she's proven Elvis' connection to only some of them, like Darlin Presley of the 26th North Carolina, who fought in Pickett's Charge and was taken prisoner. He later died at Point Lookout Prison in Maryland.

Horton Presley, of the 55th North Carolina infantry also served at Gettysburg and is related to Elvis.

"Confederate Americans are Americans too," Rowe said. "He knew he had Confederate ancestors and he was proud of it. But he was also proud to be an American. He would have put it in the proper perspective." [Link]

Friend of Kin

Would like to say that you have it wrong.
The main objective of The Kin of Rock and Roll history store is to have Elvis' memory, through his ancestral ties, help the younger generations take interest in preserving the history and heritage of our country-America. The photo of Elvis wearing a smile as Confederate soldiers lay dead is most unbefitting. This idea should not be pushed around as the "joke" you have created.

Thank you.


You're absolutely right. I'd hate to have someone poke fun at my Buddy Holly museum in Antietam.

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