Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Focus on the First Families

Sure, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have their own libraries and museums, but what about Billy Carter and Roger Clinton? Nicholas Inman—a 24-year-old Wal-Mart greeter who lives with his mother in Marshfield, Missouri—wants to open a museum devoted to our former First Families and their descendants.

He expects the displays to include photos, White House Christmas cards, personal letters, invitations to inaugurations, books and perhaps items owned or even worn by presidents and their families. Many of the items will be from Inman's personal collection.

Inman rounded up descendants of 26 U.S. presidents and in April brought them to Marshfield, where they announced the launch of the museum.
He isn't sure where the museum will be, though he has narrowed it to a building in the town square and the unused second floor of the old high school. [Link]
Given Inman's other accomplishments, I'm betting he'll succeed.

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