Saturday, June 03, 2006

How About 'Damien' If It's a Boy?

Some expectant mothers are getting nervous about their due dates as 6/6/06 approaches. It may be irrational, but they'd rather not have their babies born the same day as the Antichrist.

The remake of the 70's original called "The Omen" is scaring the devil out of expecting mothers to the point that many have canceled their appointments to be induced next Tuesday. Dr Suzanne Roberts, an OBGYN who's delivered thousands of babies, is amazed by all the hype and its effect on mom's to be. “A lot of our patients are requesting that they be induced either before that or they get scheduled for induction after that and they are wanting to know, if they happen to come in, is there anything we can do to prevent them from delivering on June 6," said Dr. Roberts.

Hollywood's big-screen is fiction, but here in the birthing room, it's 100% reality. Nature's reality. "If the baby wants to come on June 6th, the baby will come on June 6th," laughed Roberts. [Link (Thanks, Dave!)]

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