Monday, June 19, 2006

Mass. Hysteria

If you have ancestors from Massachusetts, or might someday have descendants with ancestors from Massachusetts, the alert issued today by the Massachusetts Genealogical Council should make your hair stand on end.

A proposed law would restrict access to Massachusetts birth records for the last 90 years, to marriage and death records for the last 50 years, and (it gets worse) to the indexes of these records. They don't even want genealogists to know what records they can't have access to!

The MGC site has info on contacting legislators, who should be reminded that the biggest genealogy conference in history will be held this summer in Boston. If they succeed in this foolishness, I'm inviting all the FGS/NEHGS folks to my house in Maine instead. BYOB, and don't park on the lawn.

Randy Seaver


How much advance notice do you need for visitors?

We may come to Augusta area to visit my elderly aunt later in the summer. I want to drive over to Oxford County to see where my Newton family settled and escaped from.

I'm not sure my wife is ready to meet the "Hand" in your photo, however.

Cheers -- Randy


Let me know if you need directions, research advice, etc. I know Oxford County like the back of my hand.

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