Saturday, June 10, 2006

Must've Been a Slow News Day in Minnesota

The release of The Da Vinci Code prompted a reporter from the St. Paul Pioneer Press last week to call local people bearing the surname "Sinclair"—a name prominent in the lackluster blockbuster novel and movie.

A quick call to several listed in the St. Paul and east metro telephone directory brought responses of total confusion.

"You mean our name is in the movie?" one woman asked.

Another woman said Sinclair was her late husband's family name and he never mentioned anything about the family.

Patrick Sinclair of Lake Elmo finds the family's recent notoriety both humorous and intriguing.
Sinclair owns The Dock Stop in Lake Elmo, selling and installing boatlifts and docks. The only times he walks on water, he noted, is in December, January and February.

That ability comes "from being a Minnesotan," he said, "not from being a Sinclair." [Link]

Jason Presley

Wouldn't it have made more sense to call those with the name "St. Clair", since that was the name used in the book?

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