Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Names Have Not Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

James Pylant has written yet another interesting article over at "Vintage True-Crime Magazines: An Untapped Goldmine for Genealogists."

Antiquarian bookseller and publisher Patterson Smith, based in New Jersey, specializes in true-crime publications. "I had in mind only collectors of materials on famous cases," the bookseller tells But then he noticed a trend. "After getting a number of inquiries from people whose lives had been personally touched by crime — themselves, their ancestors or their friends — I realized that there was a large number of people seeking articles in detective magazines that they could not even identify by name and date, let alone find on the market." [Link]
Smith is building a database that now includes 20,000 cases featured in these magazines, with the names of victims and villains. Read the article to learn how to request a free lookup.

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