Tuesday, June 20, 2006

That First Step Is a Doozy

Genealogists can take nothing for granted. Consider Joan Mushka, who's trying to prove she's a descendant of a United Empire Loyalist.

"It's funny but the hardest thing for me to prove was that I was my dad's daughter; the rest of the stuff I had documented from my genealogy," Mushka said. [Link]

Randy Seaver

I also have Loyalist ancestry through Kemp, Hutchinson, Dafoe surnames into Ontario.

But my great-grandmother, Georgiana Kemp was born in Ontario and moved to Chicago and married, then came to San Diego. Does that make her a Disunited Empire Loyalist? If so, what am I?

I also have American RevWar ancestry so I could join SAR. If I ever went to a reenactment, I would also wonder which side to fight for. I guess I could be a hostage.

Thanks for the help.



"If so, what am I?"

I know you're a Padres fan, but have you ever felt the urge to root for the Blue Jays? This would be a sure sign of UE Loyalist tendencies.

Rooting for the Yankees, on the other hand, would be a sign, not of American patriotism, but of demonic possession.

Randy Seaver

I've never been a Blue Jays fan or a Yankees fan or a Dodgers fan. Ever since I was a kid, I rooted for the underdog in the World Series - and they were never Yankees! It's probably why I'm still a Padres fan.

Now if there hadn't been a baseball strike in 1994, I probably would have rooted for the Montreal Expos to go all the way, and thereby cemented my UEL status.

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