Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Tooth Is Out There

In life, Harold Berg enjoyed crafting mosaics, including in each one a single tooth. So it's not surprising that, in death, he lies beneath a self-designed mosaic set into a stone bearing the inscription, "Of the Mosiac Persuasian."

"That started years and years ago, when we had our first child," [his widow] Pearl said. Their daughter "was sitting in the high chair eating … and I yelled down to him: 'Harold, the baby just lost a tooth.' "

"Bring it down and I'll put it in the mosaic," Harold yelled back.

The tooth-in-the-mosaic became a tradition.

"When people would see his mosaics, they had a good time finding the tooth," Pearl said.

On Berg's grave, in the center of the colorful starburst mosaic, is a silver cap and tooth, taken from his mouth. [Link]

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