Thursday, June 15, 2006

Top Ten Signs Tom Cruise Is a Genealogist

10. So excited about an SSDI update that he jumped up and down on Oprah's couch.

9. Wanted to film Risky Business subway scene with Elizabeth Shown Mills instead of Rebecca De Mornay.

8. Demanded proof that Ron Kovic really was born on the fourth of July.

7. Had nearly finished compiling a 7,000-page Cruise genealogy when his publicist reminded him his real last name is "Mapother."

6. Was spotted at an after-Oscars party transcribing the guest list.

5. Named his baby after his great-great-grandmother—a pointy-nosed Indo-Japanese pickpocket banished from Israel.

4. Shouts "Show me the Mommy!" whenever he's handed a birth certificate.

3. Wrote a Mission Impossible script in which agent Ethan Hunt infiltrates a records vault in Utah.

2. Bought the film rights to the 1930 census.

1. Made Katie convert to Legacy Family Tree.

[Photo Credit: Kevin Ballard (license)]

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