Thursday, June 15, 2006

Transparent Tombstones

Lundgren Memorials in Seattle produces headstones made from glass—glass so thick that "you can take a baseball bat to it," says owner Greg Lundgren. (Given the price tag, you should probably just take his word on that.)

"It's a very conservative industry," Lundgren said, "and I think it takes a lot of time for people to digest what we're doing and understand what we're doing."

Education is key, he said. Glass, which isn't corrodible or stainable, is more resilient than granite -- though they both contain high levels of the mineral silica and can chip.

And just like windows on a house or skyscraper, glass monuments won't crack in cold weather or melt when it's warm. [Link]

Jason Presley

I wonder how that would compare to a similarly sized chunk of acrylic? Either way, it would be easier to wash off the avian bombings.

Just gotta be sure there's no curvature to the surface, lest the sun and the stone conspire to cremate the entire cemetery.


It certainly would keep the cemetery free of aunts — I mean ants.

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