Saturday, June 10, 2006

What Happens to Obituarists in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

If you're an obit writer, the good news is that the Eighth International Obituary Writers' Conference will be held June 15-17 in Las Vegas. The bad news: it's being held in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The conference is put on by The International Association of Obituarists, whose website is kind of a hoot. There's an archive of Great Obits, with titles like these:

Jimmy Rae
Pilot, Diver, Inventor - Performed Handstand Atop the Eiffel Tower

Louis Heckert
Ex-Mayor Dies From Run-In With Moose

Iris "Fluff" Bower
Nurse who did not Neglect to Apply her Lipstick Before
Tending the Wounded Troops on D-Day
They also sell for $15 an Obit Kit-"designed as a guide for gathering information to be used in the preparation of an obituary—either for you, a family member or friend." Here's a free tip: It's considered bad manners to fill in the date of death in advance.

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