Friday, June 30, 2006

While I Was Away...

  • The Advertising Standards Authority in Britain ruled that was dishonest for claiming to offer "Everything you'll ever need to research your family tree in one place." The revised ad campaign will promise only "Some of the things you might need to research somebody's family tree in two or more places."
  • The National Archives in Washington opened a new exhibit in the basement exploring the historical implications of mildew.
  • Hereditary Health Solutions launched a service that will find your lost relatives and extract stool samples from them.
  • ITV announced a new celebrity genealogy series called "You Don't Know You're Born." The title is a common British phrase which means "Idea Ripped Off From the BBC."
  • Sharon Elliott found more evidence that no one in America has Welsh ancestors.
  • Paul Allen revealed that the key to's rise to power was purely alphabetical.

Jason Presley

Pretty sad that amid a $100 million remodeling, they didn't think to actually SEAL the archives from the outside elements.

Maybe the should rethink housing the National Archives next to a river in a swamp.


At least they didn't put it in New Orleans.

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