Monday, July 10, 2006

Amelia Earhart Lands in Denver

The new traffic reporter at KOA 850-AM in Denver has the perfect name for someone who'll spend her working hours in a helicopter: Amelia Earhart.

For years, family lore told her she was a third cousin to the "other" Amelia. "With my family, it's always been oral history that we were related. I was the first person to do online research. From my recent findings, I want to stop perpetuating this. Amelia and my family share common ancestry in the 1700s." That's it.

"At first, it was shocking to find out that the relationship wasn't there. I'm happier knowing. When I hear 'Amelia Earhart,' I hear my name, not hers. I don't want to be known only by my name. I know I'm a good reporter." [Link]

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