Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'd Give My Right Arm to See That

Dan Donnelly of Oakdale, California, says he's descended from an Irish bare-knuckle fighter of the same name. The latter Dan Donnelly went down for his final count in 1820, after which his mighty right arm was removed and put on display.

Preserved using red lead and now mummified, Donnelly's arm has been displayed at a medical college, as a circus exhibit and as an attraction at The Hideout Pub in Kilcullen, Ireland.

Last week, however, it arrived in New York, where it will be on display as part of an Irish Arts Center exhibit titled "Fighting Irishmen: A Celebration of the Celtic Warrior." The exhibit will run from Aug. 28 through Nov. 30. [Link]
You didn't think I'd neglect showing you a picture of the arm, did you?


I am a descendant of Dan Donnelly also. Do you know his family names? His Parents? Do you know more than he was 9th of 17 with 3-4 sets of twins in his family? Did you know he was just inducted in the International Boxiing Hall of Fame?

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