Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Hard Keeping Up With the Joneses

A Welsh television channel is organizing the largest single-surname gathering in history. They're inviting anyone with the surname Jones to come to Wales and help break the world record.

The channel is hoping to fill the 1,600-seat Wales Millennium Centre with an audience of Joneses, which would smash the previous record set in Sweden, where 583 Norbergs gathered to set the current target.

And the channel is making sure there is plenty of incentive for members of the huge Jones family to make the trip.

A variety show starring a host of famous Joneses - called Jones Jones Jones - will keep crowds amused on November 3 while official Guinness staff carry out what is hoped to be a huge count. [Link]
Another incentive: Rules state that "Maiden or hyphenated names do not count," so there's no chance you'll run into Star Jones Reynolds.

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