Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's More Than I Can Bare

It's always interesting to look through a website's statistics to see how people came to find your site. While doing this, I discovered that The Genealogue ranks very well in Google for the words nude genealogist. In fact, at the moment this is the number one destination on the Web for nude genealogy enthusiasts.

What disturbs me most about this is that there are people in the world who are searching for nude genealogists. These sickos are in desperate need of a more sensible fetish—perhaps something involving bondage and butterscotch pudding.

Genealogy in the buff is certainly not something that I condone. Delicate body parts can easily get caught in spinning microfilm reels; and most cemetery associations frown on the nude rubbing of tombstones.

Luckily, those with prurient interests will find the second Google search result more to their liking: a 2002 Eastman article on a shocking picture found among the microfilmed deeds of Smith County, Tennessee. And if you really can't do without a nude genealogist, I suspect this is one.



Very funny article, and I especially enjoyed the photograph.

Glad to see you are #1 on Google, when you search for "nude genealogist," but so sad to see my blog isn't there. :(



Oh MY!

(And to think the most scandalous thing I ever did in a cemetery was to have a picnic ... outdone again.)


After this post, I expect that I will dominate the "nude genealogist" listings for years to come.

Randy Seaver


Did you check out "naked genealogist" - Helen Leary is #1 there, so you have some competition. There's no picture, though (I'm sure Helen is thankful).

So has someone hidden those words all over your HTML without you knowing about it?

Your blogger photo is of a hand - what were you hiding there?

If I post something about this, with a picture of one of my favorite cousins, will I be #1 then? Maybe I'll try it and see!

This might set off a genea-blog-swarm where different bloggers co-opt certain words to increase hits. It happens in politics.

Cheers -- Randy


Hmm, you've given me an idea. I'll try to lose my number one ranking by linking to someone else using the text "nude genealogist." For instance, "Have you checked out the blog of nude genealogist Randy Seaver?"

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