Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mini-Inscription Rings a Bell

Ted Klein—owner of a popular model-train store in Baltimore—was showing a reporter around the business recently when he was struck by an HO-scale coincidence.

Turning a tight corner, he stopped at a rack with a bag of tombstones, just the right size to go with trains that range from 1:48 to 1:87 of reality. The gravestones were artificially aged and even had weathered names of the "deceased" on them.

"Jeez," he said, reading one of the names, "I had a dentist by that name, Bernard Smith, and I think he did pass away." [Link]
For just $4.39 you can buy a bag of twenty tiny tombstones from MB Klein—perfect for decorating your four-year-old's birthday cake. For party favors, try the milk chocolate caskets Megan Smolenyak2 dug up yesterday.

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