Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pedaling After a Headless Queen

16-year-old Jack Bullen of Suffolk, England, is setting out on a 300-mile bike ride this weekend to raise money for disadvantaged orphans. With luck, he won't meet the same fate as a famous relative.

The journey is based on a rough route of the life of the former Queen of England who was married to Henry VIII prior to being beheaded - and is also a distant relative of the Bildeston youngster.

Jack, a pupil at Framlingham College, is descended from one of Anne's uncles making him a collateral descendant. Over time the name Boleyn has become Bullen.
Jack will start his bike ride from Blickling Hall in Norfolk, the supposed birthplace of Anne Boleyn, and finish at the Tower of London where she was executed in 1536. [Link]

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