Thursday, July 06, 2006

Top Ten Signs of Genealogical Insanity

10. Building a bomb shelter to house your clipped obituaries.

9. Giving each of your ancestors a cool nickname and a superhero power.

8. Refusing to inspect your kids' report cards without first donning white gloves.

7. Getting kicked out of the Family History Center for tasting the microfilm.

6. Getting married in your great-grandmother's wedding dress instead of the customary tuxedo.

5. Taking DNA samples from your garden gnomes for genetic testing.

4. Starting every family-history interview with the question, "Mind if I get undressed?"

3. Organizing a family reunion for everyone who shares your first name.

2. Accusing Cyndi of sending you secret messages through her list.

1. Believing that all your ancestors were out to beget you.

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