Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Afterlife of Afterbirth

A midwife in Memphis offers "placenta prints" to her clients who just can't let anything go to waste.

For those who want a print, it must be done within hours of the birth. When stamped on high quality art paper, the placenta's natural pattern resembles a tree, [Kim] Mosny said, and many of her clients have the print enhanced into a family tree and framed.

But she knows it's not for everyone. "You're definitely still on the folksy, granola, hippy, holistic thing to ever want a copy of your placenta," she said. [Link]


Hmm.. a placenta print. My twin sister used to tell me I was the "afterbirth that grew" so I guess a photograph of me anytime would fit the bill.

And why does your blog page look different?



"And why does your blog page look different?"

Every few months I get sick of seeing the same old thing every day and decide to make a change. That's why I've never bothered to get married.

So, are you the evil twin?


Ha ha, no actually I'm right-handed and the good twin. My sister prided herself on being the bad twin (coincidentall she was left handed (Latin: Sinister).


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