Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All in a Day's Work for a Clerk

Monday's Stamford Advocate had a great article in which Connecticut city clerks shared their oddest experiences.

"We do get some strange people," said Andy Garfunkel, Norwalk's town clerk. "Maybe not so much strange requests, but strange people."

A person seeking a change in name and gender on vital records once offered to drop some clothing as evidence that she was no longer male, Garfunkel said. A man has visited several times in recent years to fill out a marriage license -- but the bride-to-be has yet to appear. One man changed his name to a number, but Garfunkel could not remember whether it was "6," "7" or "9."
In Greenwich, a woman once asked her fiance to leave the room when she had to record her age, said Barbara Lowden, assistant registrar of vital records. A woman stormed out of the Norwalk office once after realizing the man she was with brought her in to fill out a marriage license, not "some paperwork," Garfunkel said. [Link]

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