Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Census Stalkers

A certain Mr. M. is both Canadian and libertarian. So when his 2006 census form arrived, he was reluctant to oblige the government.

M. tore open the envelope, perused the 52 questions and concluded: “They want to know what language my parents speak. That’s none of their business. My parents don’t live here.”
The questionnaire found its way into the trash bin.

Foolish Mr. M. didn't realize how persistent Canadian census takers can be. They slipped postcards under his door, sent a particularly smelly representative to stake out his apartment, and finally ganged up on him.
A few days later, on Friday night, the bell to M.’s apartment rang. M. and his wife had invited two friends for a glass of wine.

When M.’s wife opened the door, she discovered four people waiting outside, two of whom were unexpected: the local enumerator had invited another local enumerator to pay M. a weekend visit.

M. was flabbergasted.

“Maybe they are sitting outside, watching if there’s activity inside the apartment,” he said. [Link]

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