Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dead Man Stalking 2

More details have emerged of Susan Sarandon's search for ancestors. She was spotted in a Wales pub recently scouting for cousins. And throwing back a few pints.

Landlord Terry Griffiths said: 'According to the researcher, John Charles Guyatt, who is buried here, was Susan's great-grandfather and she has some relatives still living in this area.
Mr Griffiths' wife Mandy said: 'When they arrived, the BBC people told Susan to stay in the car and they told us she didn't smoke or drink and wouldn't want photos taken.

'But the next thing we know, she's sat down with a fag and half a Guinness signing autographs and chatting to the regulars.' [Link]
This, of course, could not have happened in New York City, where it's illegal to sit down in a bar with a fag cigarette.

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