Saturday, August 12, 2006

Did He Marry His Reincarnated Wife?

The following item appeared in the Alexandria Gazette of June 3, 1818.

Curious Marriage.—An article from Brussels, of the 12th inst. says—"An inhabitant of Commines, M. Batin, died there on the 6th of this month, aged 84. This man was twice married, and what is very remarkable, his second wife was born on the very day that his first wife died, and he then declared that he would never have any other wife than this infant. In fact, he waited until she was twenty years old, when he married her. He was then sixty-four years of age; he had a daughter by her the first year of his marriage, and a second twenty years afterwards, in the month of January last; he leaves several children, the eldest of whom is sixty years of age, and the youngest scarcely two months. This man lived twenty years with his first wife, remained twenty years a widower, and his second marriage lasted also twenty years."

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