Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Didn't We Once Share a Womb?

Douglas and Holly Funk of Chicago adopted a little girl in 2004 who'd been abandoned in Yangzhou, China, and named her Mia.

Carlos and Diana Ramirez of Pembroke Pines, Florida, adopted a little girl in 2005 who'd been abandoned in Yangzhou. And named her Mia.

Last May, Mrs. Ramirez wrote about her daughter's upcoming birthday on a website for parents of kids adopted from the Yangzhou orphanage.

Mrs Funk saw the message and wrote back, 'Diana, I have a Mia as well and she is almost 3.'

The two mothers began e-mailing each other and exchanging photographs of their daughters.

The physical likeness of the two girls was too striking to ignore.

After comparing biographical details, they decided to swab the girls' mouths and send the samples for DNA testing.

The results showed that there was an 85 per cent probability that the girls were half-sisters at the very least.

Greater certainty would only be possible if one of the girls' biological parents could be tested as a comparison. But given their identical birth dates and backgrounds, it is most likely they are twins. [Link]

Jason Presley

Of course, they miss the obvious explanation, that they twins are, in fact, the same child occupying multiple places in spacetime simultaniously. Or perhaps she only exists in each place for a picosecond to avoid violating the laws of physics.


This explanation is so obvious that I decided not to mention it.

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