Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Even Better Than Arquimedez Pozo

Sequoyah Stonecipher is destined to have the coolest name in the history of Major League Baseball. Right now, he's an All-American high-school player in San Diego.

His full name is Sequoyah Trueblood Stonecipher. He was named for his great grandfather on his mother’s side -- Sequoyah Evonne Trueblood, a Choctaw and Chickashee Indian from Oklahoma.
“Everyday people ask me about my name,” said Stonecipher, whose father’s German surname coincidentally has an Indian ring to it. “I think it’s a cool name.” [Link]
Sequoyah is bound to win The Arquimedez Pozo Award—named for a utility infielder whose only claim to fame was his unique moniker.

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