Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Comes Death, Then Comes Marriage...

Can anyone tell me how to record posthumous marriages in Family Tree Maker? A traditional ritual in Korea gave bachelors and spinsters one last shot at tying the knot.

The tradition was conducted by a group of shamans, and it aimed to soothe the pain and agony of the dead and allow them to enter the next world in peace.

The ritual involved shamans summoning the sprits of unmarried men and women and infusing them into doll’s bodies symbolically, and shamans and people in a town held a wedding ceremony for them. [Link]

Dana Huff

Ha! FTM won't like it if you do that, but I'll bet Family Tree Legends (which I use) won't catch it. You have to be careful in that program, because it will allow you to record outlandish things.


Software can be so judgmental about such things. Are sixty-year age differences between grooms and brides really so uncommon? And what's wrong with dying twelve years before one's birth?

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