Thursday, August 10, 2006

Frankly, He Doesn't Give a Damn

One of the finalists in the World Series of Poker is Rhett Butler—an insurance agent from Rockville, Maryland.

Yes, his parents were big fans of the movie; there is even a family legend that Gable was a distant relative. Yes, he took plenty of ribbing growing up, but the name actually has paid off in adulthood.

"As I got older it has been great for business and other things. It would be great if I had an insurance agency in Atlanta, I would have made a fortune," he said. [Link] has a few generations of Clark Gable's ancestry.


Clark Gable was my grandfather's third cousin. I don't know if the poker player is related but he is good at bluffing. His full name is Charles Rhett Butler.



I'm sure he gets a lot more press (and older women) by dropping the "Charles."

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