Thursday, August 03, 2006

Instant KKKarma Gets Texas Reporter

Amarillo Globe-News reporter Joe Chapman requested some KKK membership documents from 1923-25, hoping to "out" some local families. Halfway down the first page, he found the name of his own great-grandfather—the man he'd been named for.

After telling a few co-workers of my surreal discovery, I got back to work and finished up the afternoon's task. The next day, I went to my parents' house and told my mom, Karen Chapman, what I had learned.

Her response was a casual, "Really?" She said, no, she hadn't ever known Grandpa Joe to have been in the Klan. With a bit of humor, she admitted if she had ever guessed, she would have thought her other granddad, who was more bigoted, might have been. [Link (reg. req.)]

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