Monday, August 14, 2006

Justin Timberlake Admits He's White

Former boy bander Justin Timberlake knows he's of English extraction, but is a little fuzzy on the details.

"I've had my genealogy studied and I want to say that I am of British descent.

"There was a British lad who was in a war, not sure which war, but he ran away from the war because he fell in love with an Indian girl, and that's where my family tree started." [Link]
He might be talking about Lieut. Henry Timberlake, who died in England in 1765 but by his own account was born in Virginia. The war in question was the French and Indian, and Henry did not run away from it. As for his love affair, it was evidently a case of under-the-table diplomacy.

In 1762, Timberlake escorted three Cherokee chiefs to London, including Ostenaco, with whom he had recently negotiated a peace treaty.
When Ostenaco and Timberlake arrived back in the Overhill towns of the Cherokee nation, they discovered that one of Ostenaco’s daughters had given birth to a son. Lo and behold, this was little Richard Timberlake, who had been fathered by Henry during his previous visit. [Link]
For what it's worth, the head of the Timberlake Family Association says he's been able to trace Justin's lineage no further back than 1867.

Jason Presley

So...the way Justin puts it, somewhere in the mid-1700s, God created a Timberlake?


I'm thinking it was a case of spontaneous generation.

BTW, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak points to a couple of websites that purport to track Justin's Timberlake line back before 1867.

Drew Smith

What's even more disturbing is that Justin apparently believes that his family tree consists only of his Timberlake line. I wonder how his mother feels about that.


Hmmm. Could it be spontaneous generation and asexual reproduction? Those Timberlakes are a strange breed.

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