Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Reasons to Fear Water

Martha Taylor has compiled a record of untimely deaths in Henniker, New Hampshire, from 1761 to 1999. This includes eleven homicides (three of them justified), 76 suicides, and 220 accidental deaths.

Many of the older clippings offer unusual tales. One article claimed that Alonzo Phelps, 63, died in 1900 of "drinking too much cold water while heated, stopping perspiration." One reverend speculated at a funeral in 1827 that "more people drowned upon Sabbath than any other day." An entry in a day journal wrote of a woman who jumped in the river and drowned, then continued, "When taken out she tied a handkerchief around her neck which caused her to strangle."

"I think she tied it before she drowned," Taylor said. [Link]
As we've seen before, cold water consumption was once a leading cause of death in New England.

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