Thursday, August 31, 2006

No Longevity in My Genes

I have a grandmother who's 93, a great-grandmother who lived to 96, and a 5th-great-grandmother who was going strong at 103. Nevertheless, I could kick off at any moment.

Dr. James W. Vaupel has determined that genes have more to do with how tall you are than how long you'll live.

“How tall your parents are compared to the average height explains 80 to 90 percent of how tall you are compared to the average person,” Dr. Vaupel said. But “only 3 percent of how long you live compared to the average person can be explained by how long your parents lived.”

“You really learn very little about your own life span from your parents’ life spans,” Dr. Vaupel said. “That’s what the evidence shows. Even twins, identical twins, die at different times.” On average, he said, more than 10 years apart. [Link]
Dr. Vaupel obviously didn't include Chang and Eng Bunker in his study.

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