Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Shortage of Nutters in Britain

Britain's most embarrassing surnames have been announced. The same folks who brought us the Surname Profiler have analyzed census data to determine which names have dropped most in prevalence since 1881. "Cock" heads the list, followed by "Hickinbottom," "Handcock," and "Smellie."

Glasgow was the home of the most Smellies in 1881, while Nottingham was home to the Dafts, Jellys were based in Guildford and Piggs in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Blackburn is named as the original hometown of Nutters - but their numbers have held up. The number of Nutters has only fallen by 35 per cent in more than a century. [Link]
The linked article also lists the most and least "adventurous" surnames—a measure of how far a family name has spread from its 1881 range.

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