Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our Five Black Presidents

Dr. Leroy Vaughn has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, and Coolidge had black ancestors. That is, so long as the doubt in question casts a very short shadow.

Randy Seaver

That was interesting. I had difficulty understanding the speaker. There was lots of supposition, but no real reference data or sources to verify (other than the list on the last slide that I couldn't read).

And all along we thought Bill Clinton was our first black president - he at least had the temerity to assert it. But apparently he wasn't, otherwise this video would have included him.

Cheers -- Randy


Most of the "evidence" offered can be written off as political mudslinging--back when having black ancestry would have been a liability. The rest is just conjecture and hearsay. (I'll give Dr. Vaughn the benefit of the doubt and assume that his book has more meat on the bone than this video.)

Of course, if the geneticists are correct then all of our presidents have had African ancestors. But that won't sell as many books as a rumor that Abe Lincoln's mother was Ethiopian.


The truth about race-mixing is a hard pill for some people to swallow. For more on the subject, read "I Cannot Tell a Lie: The True Story of George Washington's African-American Descendants." Yep, the ol' General had a son by a 14 year old slave named Venus, whose ancestors are still alive. The book even has photos of GW and his son- egad!


Take DNA tests to sort it out. Then listen to Maury say to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, et al, "you ARE the father of those black kids."

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