Thursday, August 17, 2006

Outliers or Out-and-Out Liars?

James dropped a post at GenForum pointing out that some people were issued Social Security cards long before the program was even a twinkle in FDR's eye.

If you go to the [RootsWeb SSDI] web site and put in the death year of 1900 you will get 89 hits.

If you put in any death year from 1900 to 1935 and on to 1940, 1945 and into 1950's you will get hits. [Link]
You can also find birth dates going back to 1800 (the SSA's computerized system seems to have blocked input of births earlier than this, and deaths prior to 1900). The oldest person to ever receive benefits was Ann Feinseth, who cashed her final check in 2004 at the remarkable age of 195—old enough to be Ida May Fuller's great-grandmother.

You might mention this to anyone who thinks the SSDI is infallible.

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