Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pay to Be Prompted

FamilyHistoryBuilder.com provides a service ideal for people who enjoy being nagged. Pony up $45 a year and they'll prod you with weekly emails or telephone calls asking questions about your family history. Questions like "What hobbies did your mother or father have," "What did they do for fun," and "Did they ever make you watch?"

For the pathologically lazy, they should offer a service like that laid out by Stephen King in Quitter's Inc. Fail to respond to a question and your daughter gets an electric shock. Skimp on details and a guy comes to your house and chops off your wife's pinky. And don't even think about canceling your subscription.


I started to blog about this, but then I thought to myself, this is one for Chris. LOL...

~ Lee


And I did it without prompting!

Randy Seaver

This would be terrible if we had this "service" - just think of the consequences of "bloggers block." They'd probably cut off our cable modem.

And you have to pay for it too! Some people are just control freaks, eh? Sadist comes to mind also.

Cheers -- Randy


LOL, Chris and Randy!

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