Thursday, August 17, 2006

Phishing for Phamily Trees

Stanley Sherman received a letter from "Graham Sherman," asking for information on his family history.

"It seemed genuine because I know there are plenty of people who try and trace their family tree," said Stanley, from Ilford.
He obliged, and then received a second letter from "Richard Sherman."
"I just thought it was a coincidence that the address of the guy in the second letter was in the same road as the cemetery where my brother is buried. But I didn't think there was a possibility we were related."
It was only when Stanley received a third letter last week—supposedly from an investment consultant in Singapore—that he smelled something fishy.
The consultant, Kye Hammer, wrote that Richard and his partner had died suddenly in a car accident and that Stanley could claim to be the next of kin.

"When I got this letter I thought 'there is something wrong here'," said Stanley. [Link]
If you think you've been targeted by this sort of scam, send your name, address, mother's maiden name, and credit-card numbers to Kye Hammer immediately.

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