Wednesday, August 30, 2006

'Pregnant' Man Delivers Own Twin

Here's yet another story that confirms that siblings are parasites. Sanju Bhagat of Nagpur, India, always had a big belly, but by the age of 36 he had begun to look like he was nine months pregnant. When Dr. Ajay Mehta cut him open, he found Bhagat's twin inside. In a rare case of fetus in fetu, the twin had fed off his brother's blood supply, growing fingernails that were "quite long."

The case may have been a medical miracle to doctors, but to Bhagat his condition had been a source of shame and misery. All his life, people in the village where he lived had mercilessly teased him and told him he looked pregnant. Ironically, they were right in a way.

Today Bhagat is in good health and leads a normal life, but he still gets teased occasionally.

"They still ridicule him. What they say is, you went for an operation and you had the baby," Mehta said. [Link, via Neatorama]

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