Monday, August 14, 2006

Probate This!

"The Best Wills in the World" are described in Monday's Daily Record, among them:

LIFELONG bachelor John Boullet was known for being a bit grumpy, and he only got worse as he got older. So the sparse attendance at his funeral wasn't helped when he stipulated that it was to take place at 6am. He also left an envelope to be opened immediately afterwards.

His family and friends failed to show up so the only people present were his housekeeper, the undertaker, the parson and two gravediggers.

Afterwards they opened the envelope. It said his £250,000 fortune was to be shared only among those "who cared enough to come to my funeral".
CANADIAN lawyer Charles Vance Millar died in 1926, leaving money in his will which was to be awarded to the woman who gave birth to the most children in the 10 years after his death.

A reporter dubbed this "The Great Stork Derby" and 10 years later, four women from Toronto won a share of the cash having each given birth to nine children. [Link]
Additional info on Millar's will may be found at, including the names of the prolific parents and runners-up.

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