Friday, August 11, 2006

Same-Named Siblings

Some Jamaicans over 50 are having trouble proving that they were born.

Large numbers of children were born without their births ever being registered. Some were registered, but with errors in the spelling of names that resulted in later problems. Others were registered, but without names.

In at least one ridiculous case, two sisters of different mothers but the same father, were given the same Christian and surnames and so registered. [Link]
Ridiculous? Perhaps, but not unprecedented. Mrs. John E. Barclay established in a 1968 TAG article that a cousin of mine, Jonathan Dunham of Edgartown, Mass., had two adult sons named Jonathan, each by a different wife. "It was not uncommon," she wrote, "where there were two wives for each to name a son after his father, even if the first was still living."

And be careful who you call "ridiculous." Heavyweight grillmaster George Foreman named all five of his sons "George Edward Foreman," and a daughter "Georgette."

Randy Seaver

I did research two years ago for a guy searching for his dad and half-siblings. His mom got pregnant with him in WW2 but the dad married someone else.

He named his first son the same name as my guy. My guy has contacted all of half-siblings, some are welcoming, others are not, especially the one with the exact same name.


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