Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She's Her Own Twin

Lydia Fairchild was pretty sure she had conceived and given birth to three children, but tests showed that they shared none of her DNA. The Washington woman ended up in court, forced to prove that she was the mother of her kids.

Fairchild called her obstetrician, Dr. Leonard Dreisbach. He was there for all the births and assured Fairchild he'd vouch for her in court.

"I would have told them that she certainly had these three kids, and that they were hers, and that I don't know what's wrong with the DNA testing, but I know that she had the kids," Dreisbach said.
The state went so far as to place a court officer in the delivery room when her next child was born, to witness an immediate DNA test.
"They took DNA from the baby and myself right then and there, after birth, and it came back that there is no way possible that baby is mine," Fairchild said.

Even though they'd witnessed the birth, officials believed she was acting as a surrogate, possibly bearing a child for money. [Link]
Nope, not a surrogate. Fairchild has a condition called "chimerism." She was conceived as a twin, but the DNA of her never-born sibling became fused with her own, and still is present in her body. Unlike Myrtle Corbin, she never suspected she was a medical marvel.

Fairchild's story will be told Wednesday night on ABC's Primetime.

Jason Presley

Geez, don't these people watch CSI? I could've diagnosed this one!


With only 30 documented cases in the world, one of them was bound to wind up on CSI.

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