Sunday, August 27, 2006

She's Not Lost Annie Moore

By mustering the power of the Internet and dangling $1,000 in front of some talented genealogists, Megan Smolenyak2 has succeeded in discovering the fate of the first person to pass through Ellis Island.

The $1,000 will be split between two people -- Brian Andersson, who was the first to identify the correct Moore family, and a great-niece of Annie's who provided the critical last few clues. Credit is also due to ProGenealogists, which contributed vital research at the Family History Library and kept pace with my entirely unreasonable research requests (without complaint, no less!). And an honorable mention goes to Sharon Elliott, who did a terrific job of sleuthing and sharing her findings. [Link]
I guess I can end my page-by-page search of the 1900 census. I kind of wish I hadn't already spent that reward money on an "I Found Annie Moore" tattoo.

Andy E. Wold

Perhaps you could add "or Less" to your tattoo. ;)


Dagnabbit! Your title is better than mine!

;-) Lee

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