Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Soundex Sends Man to Prison

Soundex isn't just for genealogists. Cold-case investigators in Illinois have used it to track down the suspect in a pair of 1998 slayings.

According to Prospect Heights Detective Sgt. Al Steffen, Leobardo Barraza had been living in Colorado under an assumed name.

In the last several months, investigators used a computer program called Soundex that matches people to aliases.

"We picked up a possible alias in Colorado that led to an arrest record out there and found out [Barraza] was on probation," Steffen said. "We pulled [the mug shot], and it was him." [Link]
Note to self: after committing brutal crime, pick a fake surname that starts with a different letter.

Randy Seaver

Thank goodness criminals are usually pretty stupid.

The problem is that they don't seem to be careful about spilling their DNA in warm places before they get caught and sent off to the big house to make license plates and meet their new best friends.

Cheers -- Randy


Criminals have to be stupid. Otherwise, the folks on CSI might not be able to catch them in 60 minutes.

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