Thursday, August 03, 2006

Take Stock of Your Family

Demetrius at Your Brother Kings has a great idea for an "extremely elaborate Christmas gift." He wants to resurrect an old family business and keep it from making money.

There was a company - a corporation - that our family owned well over one hundred years ago, that operated out of Detroit, Michigan. That company no longer exists in any form, as near as I have been able to tell. The State of Michigan has no records indicating it is still on the books. What I am thinking of doing is “reviving” that company for strictly nostalgic purposes. It would be a real company, registered with the state and all, and would issue real shares of stock and all that. But it would have no assets and no liabilities, and would be expressly barred from ever having such things by its Articles of Incorporation. [Link]
Here's hoping he succeeds in making family history a profitless pursuit.

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