Monday, August 14, 2006

There's Something About Mary's Scrubbing

Seiji Shiba of Lehi, Utah spent the weekend at a History Camp for Kids held at Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park. The 10-year-old's family has a special connection to the place.

While serving at Camp Floyd, Seiji's great-great grandfather fell in love with a washer-woman named Mary Taylor, said RaFawn Rogers. When the soldiers were recalled in 1861, [Louis Strasburg's] military service was up and he stayed in Utah, eventually becoming the mayor of Tooele. Rogers said she wanted Seiji to come the history camp to learn more about his heritage and what life was like for his great-great-grandfather.

"What a wonderful way to teach kids history," she said. [Link]
In an unexpected twist, Seiji fell in love with a local washer-woman and refused to return to Lehi with his parents.

[N.B. Web sources, including the IGI, give Mary's surname as Armstrong.]

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