Saturday, August 19, 2006

They'd Never Seen a Wilder Tomb

A California couple found Gertrude M. Wilder hanging around in their backyard. They wouldn't mind her staying, but would just as soon reunite her with her husband.

DeeDee and Dan Armenta thought the odd-looking brick-and-stone structure in the backyard of the house they bought a year ago was a barbecue pit, or possibly a fountain. But when they started jackhammering through it while landscaping late last month, they found it was something they'd never expected: a tomb.
The couple found a headstone with the names of Gertrude M. Wilder, 1878-1941, and William R. Wilder, with a birth date of 1882 but no date of death. A decayed cardboard container, bearing a barely legible "Gertrude" and "Dec. 11, 1941" in typing, accompanied cremated remains in a disintegrating redwood box buried inside the 4-foot by 4-foot round brick structure. [Link]
Update (Sept. 30, 2006): A descendant of the Wilders has been found, and Gertrude is staying put.

Randy Seaver


Great find - how do you do it? You must have many Google news searches coming your way every day.

Anyway, this article was wonderful. Boulder Creek is near where my daughter lives with her hubby and two boys, and I can really relate to the scenery. We go for ice cream in BC, and to a nice restaurant there, every time we visit them.

Cheers -- Randy


How do I do it? Every day I search Google News for "backyard barbecue pit cremated remains." About once every six months I get a hit.

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